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Everyone wants to be successful. Regardless of their genders, races, colors, cultures, ethnic and educational backgrounds, economic conditions, or anything that draws lines among the people of the world, success would be anyone’s ultimate goal. The only line that could exist is the level of the desire, in which some might be a little bit more ambitious than the other.

I believe that you are among the chosen ones with the enormous desire to be successful. Deep in your heart, there is a strong feeling, which urges you to prove that you can achieve something great and it is going to be the history of your life. You want to do something that you enjoy doing it, or at least you want to enjoy the things that you are doing. Unquestionably, that feeling is growing bigger and bigger.

Why am I very convinced on this? Even if you have the tiniest intention to read this book would prove that I am correct. In Malaysia, as far as I’m concerned, not so many people would allocate any of their times to read a self-help book. But, I’m happy to tell you that you are among the ‘not-so-many-people’. Congratulation!!!

Let’s not spoil your excitement by reading such a long introduction. (refer to the BM version for this part). In this book, I will explain to you the 5 important elements which are vital should you want to initiate the very first step to success. I address those elements as The 5 Tools for Success.

1. First Tool: A Concise Map

The road to success is like a journey. It begins at a starting line and ends at the desired destination. Those who are in a journey must have a map. Or else they might not reach their goals in the journey. The reason is simply because they have no idea where to start and where to end the journey.

The same thing can be applied in the journey to be successful. You need to have a ‘map’ before deciding which directions to take or which corners to turn. What do I mean by the map? Definitely, it is the planning of your life. What do you want to be in one year time? What do you want to have in the next 5 years? Or 10 years? Or even 30 years ahead.

Your ‘Map of Life’ must be prepared in details. Use the question of what, when, who, where and how much in ‘mapping your life’. The former President of the Institute of Financial Consultant of the United States, Lewis Walker once said, “There is one thing that must be avoided in aiming targets. Don’t create an ambiguous and unclear objective.” He added, “If you are intending one day to have a cabin on a hill, the word ‘one day’ is an example of an ambiguity as well as the ‘hill’.”

Why should we avoid ambiguity and vagueness in preparing the map? Simple. It is because ambiguity and vagueness will only make your vision blurry and for that you won’t be able to see your goals clearly. Let’s once again look at the example given by Lewis Walker. The price of a land on a hill this year is definitely different from its price in the next 30 years. So are the technology and the specification of a cabin - they will vary accordingly.

2. Second Tool: A reliable Compass

It is pointless if you do have a map but not a compass. You need a tool to guide you where to lead and where to go next. The same thing goes to the journey of life.

The ‘compass’ that I am talking about is the guidelines of living. The guidelines could be adapted from the religious principles, virtues, norms of the society, natural justice etc. However, in most cases, our compass could always be our mentor or role model or even idol.

In order to have a good and suitable mentor, it is best if we could take someone who is successful in the fields of our interest. Let’s say you want to be an entertainer. Why not consider Siti Nurhaliza, Mawi, M. Nasir, Jamal Abdillah who have been successful in the field? Or let’s say you are very keen in becoming an entrepreneur, names like Syed Mokhtar al-Bukhary, Ananda Krishnan and also Vincent Tan would be suitable to be your role model.

I have to make it clear here that role model is different from a mentor. Those people in the previous paragraph are, perhaps, only suitable to be your idols instead of being a mentor. A mentor is someone who you are very close to and he/she (the mentor) would allow some of his/her times to be with you. Well, you could consider yourself as Siti Nurhaliza’s apprentice if you have her handphone number and you could easily get the chance to dine with her anytime, anywhere. If that is impossible, then you better look for someone who is committed to be your mentor. (Or realistic enough, you could apply to join the Mentor reality program on TV3 – Nah, I’m just kidding!)

3. Third Tool: Useful Life Software

Most of the times, we could say metaphorically that human beings are computers. A very good computer is the one equipped with the most reliable and useful software (mind you, licensed and original software please!). Imagine if you were given a computer with the most high-tech system and the fastest processor but full with porns, viruses and worms. Enough said, your computer is useless!

Similarly, thousands of programs or software have been installed in men since we were child. Can you do public speaking? Are you friendly? Are you a risk taker and willing to pay for the risks you take? Are you a sensitive kind of person? Do you like math? Or do you like to help people?

Those are among the questions in order to identify the ‘software’ installed in you. Whether you realize or not, those software do influence your actions and the way you live your daily life. If you know that public speaking is not your field, I am sure you would give away all the fortunes in the world just to avoid it. A friend of mine once told me, “I rather die than talking on in public!”

Therefore, if you really want to succeed in whatever you do, please ‘uninstall’ the unnecessary old software which ‘command’ you to harm your life. Then, please ‘install’ brand new software that can help you in the journey to success. If you don’t know how to do it, believe me, there are a lot of published books on this. Or, if you prefer something practical, why not join me with my modules at my workshops? I wish you happy installing the new software in order to be the NEW you!

4. Fourth tool: Enduring Shield

The journey to success is not as easy as reading this article. (Although to some people, merely reading this article could be such a burden!). There would be loads of obstacles coming in your way and you have no other option but to face them. Obstacles, difficulties, problems and tribulations can be in many forms. For example, your plans don’t work out fine, sabotages, lack of sources, betrayal, internal conflicts, stress, jealousy, changes of policy, community constrains and such.

In your attempt to overcome those obstacles, you must prepare yourself with unshakeable determinations and everlasting patience. Always keep focus on your goals, open up your mind and believe in yourself that you could overcome every single problems and barriers which make you stuck in your journey. You can assume that all the obstacles are just another entertaining game in your life. I can assure you that you will enjoy playing the game. And remember to reward yourself whenever you have won the game? The reward would be an inspiration for you to achieve more in the future. Based on my own personal experience in conducting workshops of problem solving and stress management, it has been proved that only successful people do have such impressive skills to win all the games in their life. So, why not you?

5. Fifth tool: Committed Crews

You are not alone and you must never walk alone! You need other people and so do other people – they need you. In forging and shaping the success in your life, you must never forget this factor – teamwork. You must know how to trigger the teamwork atmosphere and how to work in a team.

There is an English proverb that goes, “Many hands make light work”. Although those hands might make the light work, you must have some ideas on how to deal with those hands. It is because, sometimes “too many cooks will spoil the broth”. Working in a team can be very productive if you know how to deal with all your crews. Just make sure to maintain their commitment towards the tasks delegated among them. If you want a more elaborated version on this tool, you can always get my book on teamwork. They have been in the market and ready for you to get them!


I have shared with you some important tools in your journey to success. Now, it is all up to you. Set your map, put the compass in your pocket, don’t forget the software, bring along the shield and march with your crews. I will wait for you in the gate of the land called “Success”.

Ahmad Fadzli Yusof is a Senior Consultant in RK Training & Management. He has written 15 self help books and they have been all encouragingly accepted. Ahmad Fadzli also conducts training programs on personal productivity, team work, stress management, leadership and attitude changing. He is the founder of ‘Resipi Kejayaan’ self help book series which is expected to have more than 30 titles next year. Ahmad Fadzli also has been invited to write columns in several magazines and he has made his voice familiar to some radio listeners and TV audience. Ahmad Fadzli can be reached at; http://rktraining.com or email: fadzliyusof@resipikejayaan.com.

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